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06/20/2018 - Alberto E
Bought a home in 2018 in Fitchburg, WI 53711

1 stars Never Would Recommend

10/16/2017 - Nancy E
Bought a home in 2017 in Madison, WI 53704

“I will never use first Weber again! I am still so upset that I was out $900.00 (out of my pocket) due to a sloppy mistake that shouldn't have happened. When I was looking at this home I noticed that the seller was including a washer and dryer in the sale. A few weeks before I closed I kept asking Lynette to ask the seller how old the washer and dryer were because I was living in one of my rentals and I needed to know if I should bring my new washer and dryer or if those were new and I could leave my set for my new tenants. Lynette kept putting it off so I rented my rental that I have with my new washer and dryer included. Three days before closing date Lynette forwarded me a text from the seller asking me if I wanted to purchase the new washer and dryer that was in the home for $900.00. I was confused and wrote Lynette back asking her why would I purchase these if they are already mine with the purchase if the house. Lynette wrote back and said that she didn't include this in the offer. I'm still confused why Lynette wouldn't have included a washer and dryer if the seller was offering it. I'm not realtor, I hired her to be a realtor and represent me. I don't make offers, I don't write up offers I don't understand half of the legal terms on these contracts but Lynette is being paid to do this for me. I paid 100% of closing cost and my down payment and on top of that I had to shell out another 900.00 for a washer and dryer that should have been included in my purchase. 900.00 is a lot of money and because of her sloppy work it cost me! I will never use Lynette again or first Weber and I'll make sure to tell all my friends and family. I'm still angry about this. its already hard enough purchasing a home but then to top it off I had to pay another $900.00”